Tips for choosing the right lawn – Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1, finding the right lawn for your place isn’t as simple as it might first appear. There’s many issues to be considered; maintenance, wear and tear, usage, shade, salt and even allergies. No one turf variety is suitable for all situations or locations so here’s the Daleys Turf guide to help you make the right decision.


Best lawn for high traffic areas

If you have sporty, active kids (big or small) or dogs then a wear and tear tolerant turf is a great option.

In shade – Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

In moderate shade – Platinum Zoysia

Keep in mind that the turf varieties that are appropriate to shaded areas will also do well in full sun.


Best lawn for avoiding insecticides and herbicides

If you’re not a fan of using lots of insecticides and herbicides in your yard where your children and pets play then a lawn variety that rarely requires the use of these types of products is a great choice. Consider Platinum Zoysia – it’s more resistant to infestations of lawn grubs such as web worm and army worm while also having the ability to smother weeds and not allow them to take hold.


Best lawn for salt tolerance

If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean or have lawn space around your salt water pool then Sir Walter DNA Certified soft leaf Buffalo is a good choice. It’s salt tolerance and has great self-repairing qualities as an added bonus.


If you have already decided on the lawn variety that is best for your place, just contact Daleys Turf today to arrange the ordering, delivery and/or installation of your brand new lawn.

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