The Perfect Lawn Guarantee From Daleys Turf and Lawn Solutions Australia

Daleys Turf, in conjunction with Lawn Solutions Australia, offers the ‘Perfect Lawn Guarantee’ – a commitment to ensuring that you will have the right lawn for your local environment and a healthy, thriving lawn for years to come.

The Daleys Turf lawn guarantee is:

  • An industry first
  • A 10 year Customer Product Warranty which ensures your lawn:

Has been grown and harvested to strict LSA standards
Is free of diseases and weeds upon delivery
Will perform to the maximum of its potential in its new environment (subject to conditions)

  • Confirmation that you are receiving a lawn from a handpicked, training and experienced grower
  • An assurance that you are buying the best performing turf varieties for your local region

On top on the Lawn Solutions Australia guarantee is Daleys Turf’s own 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime support. Daleys Turf ensures this by offering access to lawncare products online and a range of resources that are updated on a regular basis. These resources include:

  • Lawn Turf Blogs
  • Lawn Care Articles
  • Videos and Articles on:

Mowing & Feeding
Tips & Watering
Lawn Rescue

Lawn Support via our online Lawn Support Form, Facebook, email and phone. All can be easily found on our website here.

For the life of your new lawn, the Daleys Turf team and Lawn Support Australia are here to support you and to ensure you have the healthiest lawn possible.

Daleys Turf and LSA turf is marketed and supported under uniform, national brand names – Sir Walter soft-leaf buffalo and Nullarbor Couch. Contact us today for more information.

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