Yard Care

When you install a new lawn there is a certain amount of TLC it will require in order to become established and thrive. One of the most important aspects of lawn care, especially at the very beginning is watering. Daleys Turf offers a range of lawn care articles including information such as watering tips to establish your new lawn:


It is important to water your lawn straight away


  • As soon as you have your new lawn down you need to water it since if you don’t your lawn will dry out and start to turn brown
  • If you are installing turf over a large area don’t wait until it is all finished, start watering once you have a few metres laid
  • The first hour in the sun is critical so it’s important to plan ahead and have someone with the hose ready


Water methodically


  • Thoroughly soak every square metre before moving onto the next section.
  • The surface soil must be kept moist until the roots of the turf have established


How much water to use:


  • The amount of water your lawn will need will depend on local conditions and climate
  • You can leave a towel out on the lawn for the first few days, when the towel dries out, your lawn will immediately need more water, this is very critical for the first few days
  • Also, move the towel around just so you don’t do any damage to the lawn


Is your lawn established?


  • To test, try to lift a corner of the turf, if it holds well it is established, if it comes away in your hand it needs more time
  • This is also the way to determine whether the lawn is established enough to be mown
  • This can take between 1 to 8 weeks depending on location and the time of year


Until your lawn is Established


  • It is important that your lawn receives regular watering and is prevented from drying out for the first 6 weeks or at least until it has been mown twice – by this time it should be well established
  • Less frequent deeper soakings will encourage good strong deep roots
  • If your lawn becomes slightly patchy 4 to 6 weeks after installation it is usually due to extreme weather or lack of correct watering during early establishment. There is not a lot you can do if this occurs, except give it some time and it will return to normal


Established lawns


  • Once your lawn is established watering can be cut right back
  • Sir Walter lawns in most parts of Australia hardly need any regular watering to keep alive once established


Always check and comply with any local water restrictions.


More blogs and articles on lawn care can be found on the Daleys Turf website at www.daleysturf.com.au.