What is Soil Compaction

Lawn compaction is a common problem:

  • It is caused by wear and tear and heavy traffic.
  • It is easy to check for and it is easy to fix.

To test if you have a compacted lawn:

  • Push a garden fork or screwdriver into the ground.
  • In a good lawn, the tines of the fork should easily go down halfway or more.
  • If they don’t the chances are the lawn is compacted and it needs some fixing.

Fix the problem:

  • You can aerate compacted lawns with a garden fork or power aerator or coring machines.
  • You can hire petrol driven lawn aerators from equipment rental companies.
  • You can also apply gypsum to compacted lawns at the rate of about 1 kilo per square metre.

Once the lawn is aerated it will grow strongly again and out compete bindii and other broadleaf weeds.