Turf Maintenance Tips

Please use the links below to be directed to the Maintenance Tips you require. Click here now to go directly to our Video and Turf Care Brochures page.

Mowing (Initial mowing of new lawn)

  • Lawns should be mowed regularly, weekly in warmer months, less in winter months.
  • Rule of thumb – only mow 1/3 of the leaf blade at any one time.
  • On hot days, a lawn mowed during the middle of the day, will enjoy being watered after mowing.


New lawns can be watered on the day of installation and then 1 hour a day for 21 days
(including Mondays) between 4am and 7am or between 4pm and 7pm. Your invoice will act as a permit. Efficient irrigation devices must be used see www.qwc.qld.gov.au

Fertilizing (Initial Maintenance)

Initial Maintenance Your new lawn has no roots system established yet, so fertilizing program will be different for the first 12 months. It will always depend on your soil type and how much fresh & improved soil you have added to your site as to the frequency of the application of fertilizer.

Growing Sir Walter in Shady Areas

It is difficult to gauge how much sunlight an area receives, so the only method of working it out is to watch the area during the day and find out which direction it faces. Areas facing North & East are better than areas facing West & South.

Pests (Lawn Grubs)

Lawn grubs are a common problem in South East Queensland during the period from November to May, more so to couch lawns rather than ‘Sir Walter’ lawns, they are easily treatable if required, early detection and prevention is the simplest way.


Weeds can be common in couch lawns, but rarely in ‘Sir Walter’, as it has the ability to choke out most other weeds. The main thing about weeds is to correctly identify the weed, to help you with this try following the links below or take a photo and email it to us.

Lawn Renovation Guide

To improve your lawn, maybe repair some damage area or adjust your mowing height it’s a good idea to renovate your entire lawn area. It is like pruning your lawn and is often done in spring, we have a DIY sheet (click here) for you to follow or call our office and we will arrange somebody to come out.

Top Dressing

To achieve the best results from a new lawn, top dressing should be carried out within the first spring (must be older than 12 weeks). This process levels out the lawn, improves drainage and improves the mowing finish.