Sir Walter Turf Sunshine Coast

Australia’s most popular turf, Sir Walter is a premium buffalo turf making it the perfect choice for residential and commercial applications on the Sunshine Coast.


The benefits of laying a Sir Walter lawn:


  • A drought tolerant, resilient and self-repairing lawn
  • A lawn which requires little maintenance; fertilising, watering and mowing
  • A disease, fungus and weed resistant lawn
  • A lawn appropriate regardless of location; it likes full sun and shade and is salt tolerant
  • Australia’s number one buffalo lawn which is Australian developed and grown
  • A lawn which is environmentally friendly, low allergy and soft to the touch


How much is Sir Walter turf?


Sir Walter Buffalo turf prices vary but average around $12.50 – $15 per square metre. Often prices are based on the amount of turf you are ordering and whether or not delivery is required outside of the local area.


While laying a new lawn is achievable as a DIY project you will need to ensure that the area is properly prepared, delivery is correctly coordinated and you have a few extras hands to help with the installation.


The Daleys Turf team are experienced in all aspects of Sir Walter turf installation and can complete all the tasks involved – removal of any existing turf, soil preparation, Sir Walter turf supply and delivery, fertilisers, rubbish removal with prices starting around $18-$24 per square metre. If you’re looking to buy Sir Walter turf on the Sunshine Coast, give Daleys Turf a call – we’re your local grower.


For more information about Sir Walter just view our Sir Walter turf prices online and delivery areas or contact the team at Daleys Turf  today. We offer quality turf, prompt delivery, installation services and expert advice.