Seed Vs Lawn. Learn why lawn seed is a bad idea…

The popular Australian lawn varieties, such as Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf, are male sterile and can’t be grown from seed. Not even the turf farmers can grow them from seed – they must be grown from live vegetative material. Now, you could grab a packet of lawn seed from your local hardware store but here’s why it’s a bad idea and a waste of time and money.


Grass that is grown from seed will struggle in South East Queensland’s hot weather. In colder weather areas of Australia, lawn grown from seed will grow into a kind of ground cover but it will never be a drought tolerant lawn. Most seed available is for cool weather lawn varieties such as rye and fescue. You might get that short lived flush of green lawn while the temperature is cool but as soon as hot weather hits it’s more than likely gone for good.


While touted as a cost-effective or budget option, seed actually takes a decent amount of time and money to try and reach the result you are looking for. You will need to over-sow a number of time and you will still be unlikely to get a successful strike rate and germination to obtain a consistent look.


Seed should be sown in the warmer months – cold and wet weather are no friend to the lawn seed.


Even with this in mind, Rye is the fastest species of grass to germinate, taking 5-7 days but usually 10-14 days. Fescue usually takes 14-21 days to germinate. Remember, ‘germinate’ means to ‘start to grow’ so this doesn’t mean the time it will take to grow a complete lawn.


The area you seed will need to have at least 3-4 hours of sunlight a day to ensure it is about to product chlorophyll and photosynthesis.


If the area where you are sowing lawn seed has been treated with certain weed control products this may prevent grass seed from growing – some for up to 3-4 months. You should not try and apply grass seed for 3-4 weeks after any broadleaf weed control products have been applied.


Add in the fact that rain or storms can wash away your seed, that birds and other animals can eat the seeds – attempting to grow a lawn from seed is a definite challenge.


So, what’s the alternative to sowing seed?


The most effective way of establishing a lush, green, long-lasting, good looking lawn is to install instant turf. This way you are laying down turf that is already a healthy and established grass. Within a few short weeks you have a knitted together, established lawn – ready to be enjoyed. And when you purchase your instant lawn from an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia grower you also get a guaranteed great lawn for life with a 10 year warranty.


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