Lawns & Extreme Heat

No matter where you live in Australia, periods of extreme heat may occur but Sir Walter is one of the most heat tolerant grasses.

If extreme heat does occur you need to either:

  • Let your lawn brown off and wait for normal conditions to return and for the lawn to bounce back.
  • Or water your lawn to keep it looking good.


  • Water with one deep watering at the first signs of stress then don’t water again until the lawn starts to wilt.
  • If you are on pure sands this will be more frequent than if you are on a heavier soil.
  • Frequent light watering encourages shallow root systems.
  • Less frequent deeper soakings is much better as it encourages deep root systems. This will give your lawn the strength to get through the hot periods.


  • Use Sir Launcher when you put your lawn down, this will help because it has the moisture magnets that will give your lawn more strength and more moisture for hot periods.
  • A light top dressing is a good idea also because this will act a bit like a mulch and lock in that valuable moisture.