Lawn variety for Queensland – Zoysia

One of the easiest to care for lawns available in Queensland is the Zoysia. It requires the least amount of watering, fertiliser, pesticide use, and experiences the least problems and less mowing. It’s hard-wearing, drought tolerant and looks good under most conditions. Zoysia has the lowest maintenance costs, requires the least effort to keep healthy and therefore is the one of the most environmentally friendly turf varieties. In fact, this variety doesn’t like too much TLC – over watering and over fertilising can cause a bad reaction. This is definitely a lawn where less is more. Even after months of neglect – no watering, no fertilising, no lawn mowing, the Zoysia can bounce back and recover. A fairly slow growing turf it can take a little while to establish and self-repair but this slow growth also equates to less lawn mowing and a less invasive lawn.


Lawn Variety Zoysia Characteristics

Grass TypeWarm Season
Leaf TypeSharp-pointed
Traffic ToleranceHigh
Sunlight requirementsFair
Shade ToleranceGood
Drought ToleranceGood
Salt ToleranceFair
Ideal pH6 – 7
Also known asEmpire Grass


Daleys Turf grows and supplies Platinum Zoysia – bred and grown to perfectly suit South East Queensland conditions. Contact us for more information or to place an order for your new Zoysia lawn.


    • Hi Pam,
      Platinum Zoysia is $ 12.65 per metre plus delivery to your area, however by far, the best choice for shady areas is still ‘Sir Walter’ DNA certified and it’s priced at $ 11.50 per metre.

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