Lawn types in Queensland

Installing and establishing a new lawn is an exercise that is a substantial investment, in time and money so you want to make sure you choose the right lawn type. You want to pay particular attention to choosing the right lawn type for our Queensland climate. Here we outline the most popular lawn types in Queensland. In fact, all of these lawn types are warm season grasses and therefore suitable for all the warmer climates of Australia.


Buffalo Grass

A long standing favourite of Aussie families, buffalo turf is durable, easy to grow and easy to maintain. Originally buffalo turf was not a favourite due to its itchy, scratchy feel but those days are gone with the introduction of the soft leaf buffalo lawn types. The newer buffalo varieties available today are soft, lush and great for families and play. Daleys Turf grows and supplies Sir Walter DNA Certified soft leaf buffalo lawn.


Zoysia Grass

After a shaky introduction into Australia, Zoysia is a great choice:

  • It’s highly tolerant to higher temperature
  • Doesn’t require much mowing or fertiliser
  • Is very salt and drought tolerant
  • Has a good year round colour
  • Has low invasive qualities
  • Good at self repairing
  • Perfect for use at homes, businesses, sports ground and municipal areas.

Daleys Turf grows and supplies Platinum Zoysia


Couch Grass

The lawn type has always been a popular choice due to its durability, easy care and low price. Couch also is quick growing, has the ability to put up with a lot of wear and tear, repairs quickly, is soft and can produce a great looking lawn when mowed correctly and regularly. The couch turf variety does require a lawn care regime of regular mowing, fertilising and de-thatching. It is known for creeping under fences and into garden beds but this is due to its vigorous underground runners. Daleys Turf grows and supplies Nullarbor Couch


All of the brands/types of turf grown and supplied by Daleys Turf are certified by Lawn Solutions Australia to ensure consistency. To find out more just contact our team today.

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