Does your lawn have ‘dry spots’?

Here are some reasons why dry spots occur…   Dry spots in your lawn are definitely unsightly but they can also be confusing. There’s many reasons they can occur and determining the reason will help to fix it and/or stop it happening again.

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Did you know: wetting agents enable hydrophobic soils to absorb and retain water

Have you heard of wetting agents? Do you know what they actually do and why?  The main purpose of wetting agents is to increase the free flow of water throughout the soil profile for your lawn and your gardens.  

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Handy Hints: Learn how to prevent your lawn from growing into your garden-bed

If your lawn is growing into your garden beds, and you’re not a fan of the overgrown look, there’s a few steps you can take to rectify the situation and prevent it from happening again.   Overall, the top tips to prevent your lawn from growing into your garden-bed are:  

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Nutgrass! A disruption in the soil can bring this noxious weed back.

Nutgrass (as know as Cyperus rotundas) is the scourge of green thumbs the world over. There’s a reason it’s often referred to as the world’s worst weed (which is a big call) – why? Well, because nutgrass is a difficult nut to crack (pun intended) being known to even shoot up through asphalt and even […]

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Where can I get Sir Walter turf in Brisbane?

So glad you asked! And, we have the answer for you.   There are currently around 5 Sir Walter turf suppliers located within the suburbs of Brisbane. However, there are additional growers, like Daleys Turf, who are based in the surrounding areas and have arrangements in place to service the entire Brisbane region.  

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What are the benefits of lawn in rental properties – residential and/or commercial?

While typically associated with homes, lawns are much more in our wider communities and their benefits are fantastic – for lots of different aspects of our communities – regardless of whether your rental property is residential or commercial property.   Lawns are found in our parks, sporting fields, schools, day care centres and, more commonly, […]

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Should I repair or replace my lawn?

We understand, it can be difficult to know whether it is best to try and repair your lawn or that the time has come to replace it with new turf.

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All time best lawn care tips

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to be all-consuming, expensive or difficult. More often than not it just needs a little bit of effort on a regular basis to keep your lawn lush, healthy and the envy of the neighbours. The Daleys Turf team have compiled our All-Time Best lawn care tips to help […]

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