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Why Won’t My Whipper Snipper Start?

We’ve all been there – we store away our whipper snipper at the end of the growing season and when it comes time to use it again in the spring, it just won’t start. Whipper snippers when they fail to start can be one of the most frustrating garden tools in the shed. More often than […]

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Top Tips to Get Your Lawn in Shape for Spring

Time to get your lawn care plan of attack ready before the Spring season starts. Now is the time when your lawn plants move out of their dormant growing phase and into the active growing phase, so it’s the ideal time to ensure that your lawn has all the nutrients needed to thrive. Time to […]

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Bindii (jo-jo) Treatment and Removal

Treating Bindii – take action now before the prickles come back! Bindii, Jo-jo, Onehunga, Soliva pterosperma – doesn’t matter what you call it – it’s a pest and the bane of backyards across South East Queensland. Bindii is a low growing weed with a flower at its centre. At maturity, the flower produces a prickly […]

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Will Fertiliser Harm My Pets?

There are a number of steps you can take to minimise the risk of harm to your pets associated with applying fertiliser . Always read the product labels and follow all instructions listed. If you are unsure on anything, please check with your supplier before applying your fertiliser. Granular and liquid fertilisers should always be […]

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Storage of Garden Chemicals and Pesticides

Storing Chemicals Garden chemicals and pesticides need to be stored in a secure place where children are unable to gain access. A lockable cupboard or steel cabinet located above a child’s reach is the best storage. Make sure you have a supply of sand or some other some absorbent material, such as sawdust or kitty […]

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Turf Options For Compact House Lots

With house lots becoming smaller, more and more people are now living in Town Houses and Duplexes. This also means that lawns are now becoming more compact too. When it comes to choosing turf for smaller areas it does require some research; you want a turf variety that will do well in a small area while requiring the […]

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Take Care Of A Few Things Now While The Weather Is Cool

When the weather is cool it is an essential time for solving some lawn issues. If you fix and feed your lawn now, it will be in much better shape for the warmer weather when it finally arrives.

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Enjoying Your Lawn This Winter

The team at Daleys Turf have put together 4 ways to enjoy your lawn this Winter. Brrr we know it’s cold and understandably you and the family are spending a lot less time outside during these chilly Winter months. But there are still many ways you can be outside on the lawn and enjoy it!

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