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Lawn Grub Detection “choose one or more of these methods”

Lawn Grub Detection


A visual inspection of the leaf blade can be an effective method, you will actually see holes or part of the leaf missing like chew marks, in bad infestations there will be very little or no leaf at all to see.



Lawn Grub Detection


Check under the eaves of your house for furry brown patches these are moth eggs waiting to hatch.





Lawn Grub Detection


Try parting the leaf blades and look for an accumulation of fresh small green pellets of excrement, these are their droppings.




Lawn Grubs


If there are orange / black wasps “The Ike Newman Wasp” (Leptobatopsis Indica) flying over your lawn, this will usually indicate that there are grubs present, as the wasp is looking for a host to lay its eggs.



Lawn Grub Life Cycle
Lawn Grub Life Cycle


Lawn Grub Webisode
Lawn Grub Treatment


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