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eZine Partner Information

Thank you for your interest in a partnership in our Lawn, Garden and Landscapes specialist monthly ezine (Soon to be re-branded to suit all new partners).


Please find information below about what we are doing, how we will all benefit from the partnership and guidelines to ensure the ezine partnerships are able to function effectively. This will help to ensure a fair trade of effort and reward for partners.


Why an eZine Partnership


In today’s competitive online and offline marketplace, we have recognised a growing need to build short and long term business relationships with new potential clients and continue to build our business relationships with our existing customers. We have found advertising is becoming less effective and more expensive to convert new customers.


The internet offers many new forms of advertising channels which initially appear quite cost effective but in reality, unless you are very experienced, these too become very ineffective and expensive.


Email marketing is no exception. While it is still the most effective marketing available today allowing you to convert more customers at a lower cost, there are many challenges which you need to overcome in order to effective use this form of marketing cost effectively. Some of the main challenges are:


  • Building a list to actually send your newsletter to; No one jumps onto your list unless you are able to provide them with something that is very useful to them. Also tracking the effectiveness of your signup offers and improving them is time consuming. Our current offer can be viewed here. We recommend developing similar strategies on your website and sharing between partners what is working and what is not.


  • Designing great looking ezines/newsletters; Sure there are lots of email templates and email services but designing great looking ezines/newsletters is quite simply very difficult if you do not have design and coding skills.


  • Providing varied and interesting content that that engages a wide range of potential clients.


  • Making sure ezines/newsletters are readable/display correctly in a plethora of different email programs which people use to read them.


  • Getting your email through false/positive spam blockers even though people have opted to receive your email.


  • Ensuring all email is deliverable through specially setup SMTP servers while keeping your own server off blacklists.


  • Staying within Can Spam compliance, tracking open rates and analysing data.


With a good understanding of these challenges and how to effectively deal with them, we are able to offer a great opportunity to allow you to currently reach “over 2500 and growing monthly” targeted potential customers interested in Lawns, Gardens and Landscaping. This is in addition to your own list.


Once a month we send out our FREE eZine which provides unique Local “How To” Tips and DIY Knowledge provided by our team and our partners. Every month we give away 1 to 3 FREE prizes to readers who open the eZine. These are drawn through a 3rd party system where your list members privately verify if they “are” or “are not” the winner and that they were included in the draw. No one is able to see any names or email addresses!


Our partnership system is tailored so everyone benefits. You stay in control of your branding making the LGL Specialist eZine your own while benefiting from sharing lists to reach new potential clients. Our eZine is co-branded with both our logo and our partners logo and all email going to your list will show from your company’s “Business Email address”.


LGL Specialist Email Header


All eZine editions we have a “Provided By” section at the top of each ezine with all partners Business names and website links. Your article includes your logo and a link back to your site to continue reading your article, as shown in the example image below.



article example


You will have a valuable resource that serves to build a loyal community of customers. I am positive working together we can continue to grow our lists and more importantly benefit your clients with great local “How To” knowledge.


Conditions Of Partnership


Our conditions of partnership ensure our Lawn, Garden and Landscapes specialist monthly ezine is delivered on time, continues to grow and all partners are rewarded equally based on their efforts. In light of this, our conditions of partnership:


  1. You retain copyrights of all articles provided at all times.
  2. Your article, image(s) and link to your article must be received by the 21st of each month in order for us to create and edit the Lawn, Garden and Landscapes monthly eZine. We email out very early on the last Saturday of the month or the first Saturday of a new month to ensure maximum readership over the weekend. If you are not able to have your article finished we require 72 hour’s notice.
  3. Your article or blog must be provided in a word document or similar format along with a suitable image(s) no larger than 250mb, as well as the article/blog address on your website. This can simply be uploaded through our website
  4. When a partner joins we require a copy of your current client lists provided in a .csv file which you can simply download by clicking here now. Your client list will be added to your email marketing list. We require 2 fields of information and 3 fields are optional which you will find in the file download: first name (required), last name, email address (required), closest Local area if known (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Bribie Island, Caboolture, Gympie, Tin Can Bay, Rainbow Beach) and Postal Code if Known. If you can provide all fields, this will allows us to better target the email based on local area in future.
  5. All names provided for your lists will remain your property. You can request a copy of your list we have stored in our email marketing system at any time.
  6. We send out 10 eZine editions per year from March to December. We reserve the right to email the Lawn, Garden and Landscapes monthly eZine to your list if you have not provided your article on time. Should you wish to no longer participate in the partnership we require notice in writing by the 18th of the month in writing by email or mail correspondence. If you have notified us and we have received your notice, we will no longer send the Lawn, Garden and Landscapes monthly eZine to your list.
  7. A partner must contribute at least 15 new signups for their own list each month. We can provide technical support to design and/or install a signup form/offer on your website. We also encourage collecting your clients details over the counter, out on the job and/or during phone enquiries.
  8. We reserve the right to change format of the eZine at any time as well as the order of partners listings.
  9. A $290 non-refundable setup fee applies to all new partners to help with setup costs. If we have to modify fields in your .csv file for importing, extra costs will apply at $49.50 per hour (1 hour should be adequate depending on list size). A $25.00 per eZine fee applies to help cover costs for integrating articles to eZine, draw fees and email sending fees via an SMTP server.
  10. We have a professional content writer that can write targeted and search engine optimised articles/blogs for you business/services/products if required. These can optionally be added to your blog/website or provided to you by email for $49.50 per blog/article.


If you have any questions or concerns at all, please call Jay on (07) 3102 7487