Drought Tolerant Turf

Choosing a turf that is drought tolerant and high quality does not have to be mutually exclusive. You can have both.


Sir Walter, grown by turf supplier, Daleys Turf provides are range of benefits, making it the perfect turf on the Sunshine Coast:


  • Is a premium lawn turf and has been specifically designed for the Aussie climate, easily handling days of flooding rain and periods very little, as it is drought tolerant and maintains a strong root system.
  • Is self-repairing and establishes with minimal care reducing the likelihood you will need to replace the lawn.
  • This turf variety is pest, weed and disease resistant making it low maintenance in terms of both your time and your money.
  • Being both full sun and shade tolerant Sir Walter can easily adapt to your entire lawn, eliminating the need to pave or pebble shaded areas of your lawn where other varieties of lawn would struggle to establish and thrive.
  • Grown and supplied as an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.
  • Unlike other varieties of turf or synthetic lawns, Sir Walter is low allergenic making if the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.
  • Is only grown by certified growers ensuring consistently high quality turf. All genuine Sir Walter Buffalo comes with Certificate of Authenticity.


If buying Sir Walter on the Sunshine Coast, the average price for Sir Walter premium lawn turf is around $12.50 per square metre.


Daleys Turf is one of a limited number of certified grower and turf suppliers throughout Australia. Based on Sunshine Coast, Queensland they supply the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich areas through turf farm pick up or delivery. For more information on Sir Walter Buffalo grass prices or to order online, just contact the team today.