Did you know: wetting agents enable hydrophobic soils to absorb and retain water » Did-You-Know-Wetting-Agents-Enable-Hydrophobic-Soils-To-Absorb-And-Retain-Water

Did You Know Wetting Agents Enable Hydrophic Soils to Absorb and Retain Water

The main purpose of wetting agents is to increase the free flow of water throughout the soil profile for your lawn and your gardens.

Water resistant (or hydrophobic soils) are those where the dispersement of water is uneven so that some areas get enough water while other get very little. Hydrophobic soils may also have soil that is coated with a waxy type of substance which makes the soil resist the flow of water. Water resistant soil will also push the water down deeper into the water table faster than usual – this could end up meaning that your lawn needs more water than is typical.

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