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When lawn is life

  Don’t laugh…lawn is life. Having a lush lawn at your place can actually benefit your overall well-being and therefore your life. So, yes, lawn is life.  

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Seed Vs Lawn. Learn why lawn seed is a bad idea…

The popular Australian lawn varieties, such as Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf, are male sterile and can’t be grown from seed. Not even the turf farmers can grow them from seed – they must be grown from live vegetative material. Now, you could grab a packet of lawn seed from your local hardware store […]

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Real vs Fake. Find out why natural grass is safer than artificial.

In the debate of real vs fake in regards to lawn much of the issues are based around safety; which is safer, for the environment and your family, natural grass or artificial grass?  

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Stays greener in winter. Learn more about TifTuf

Ever wonder how the sporting fields stay green throughout the winter fixtures? Ever wonder why yours isn’t the same, regardless of how hard you try?  

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Comparing The Cost Of Turf

There are many people out there that will try and convince you that installing turf (an instant lawn) is prohibitively expensive. But, those people would be wrong. As a living organism a natural lawn will require more of a time investment than some other options but there’s really nothing quite like a real backyard to […]

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Where can I get Sir Walter turf in Brisbane?

So glad you asked! And, we have the answer for you.   There are currently around 5 Sir Walter turf suppliers located within the suburbs of Brisbane. However, there are additional growers, like Daleys Turf, who are based in the surrounding areas and have arrangements in place to service the entire Brisbane region.  

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What are the benefits of lawn in rental properties – residential and/or commercial?

While typically associated with homes, lawns are much more in our wider communities and their benefits are fantastic – for lots of different aspects of our communities – regardless of whether your rental property is residential or commercial property.   Lawns are found in our parks, sporting fields, schools, day care centres and, more commonly, […]

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Should I repair or replace my lawn?

We understand, it can be difficult to know whether it is best to try and repair your lawn or that the time has come to replace it with new turf.

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