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Lawn variety for Queensland – Zoysia

One of the easiest to care for lawns available in Queensland is the Zoysia. It requires the least amount of watering, fertiliser, pesticide use, and experiences the least problems and less mowing. It’s hard-wearing, drought tolerant and looks good under most conditions. Zoysia has the lowest maintenance costs, requires the least effort to keep healthy […]

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Lawn variety for Queensland – Couch

One of the most popular turf varieties in Australia is the Couch. Popular for backyards and public recreational areas for decades, the new breed of Couch lawns are even better. Couch now gives a better colour, is softer and offers better drought tolerance. It’s known for its fine blade, dark to bright green colouring, it’s […]

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Lawn types in Queensland

Installing and establishing a new lawn is an exercise that is a substantial investment, in time and money so you want to make sure you choose the right lawn type. You want to pay particular attention to choosing the right lawn type for our Queensland climate. Here we outline the most popular lawn types in […]

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How do I kill my lawn and start over?

Interesting question! If your lawn is in poor health or is full of weeds, the best option to establishing a healthy lawn is by starting over. Here are the Daleys Turf tips for how to kill your lawn and start over.   Step 1 Get a soil analysis so you know what you have to […]

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Designing your perfect garden

A garden that is well-planned and implemented is easier to care for – it will save you time and is more productive than an unplanned garden.   The best place to start is to determine the long-term plans for the space; Are you planning to sell in the coming years – what type of garden […]

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Can Sir Walter be grown from seed?

The long and the short answer to your question ‘can Sir Walter be grown from seed?’ is no but that’s not the full story. Most turf varieties that are classified as drought tolerant can’t be grown from seed. Turf varieties that are able to be grown from seed are usually cool season grasses (like fescue, […]

Seeding versus instant lawn

Here at Daleys Turf we hear this question a lot. People want a healthy, thriving, green lawn but are overwhelmed about the best way to achieve this. You have two main choices: Lay and spread some soil, sow the seed and wait OR Roll out some new instant turf. But, obviously, there’s a bit more […]

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Need a new lawn for a new year?

You can join a gym, plan to eat better, resolve to spend more quality time together, but an easy new year’s resolution to make and keep is getting a new lawn for a new year. A new lawn will actually be an investment in so many different aspects of your life – like you’re making […]