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Weeds in Sir Walter Lawn

Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2009 9:30 AM Subject: Weed Taking over our lawn   Hi, please find attached photo of the weed taking over out lawn, we have been trying to get rid of it for about 12 months by pulling it out but it just keeps coming back. We pulled it all out and […]

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Dry spots in lawn

I have spots in my lawn that look dead, like straw, what can I do about it?   New lawns ( 0 – 18 months old ) can have this look to them.   The leaf of the ‘Sir Walter’ has curled in half to conserve moisture, because it’s root system hasn’t fully established yet. […]

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Lawn Recovery

Possible reasons for dry dead like areas: Poor soil Soil too hard – roots having trouble penetrating Builders rubble underneath / left over crusher dust piles Not enough soil Soil won’t hold any moisture – sandy, gravel, crusher dust, road base Subsoil has dried up due to dry, hot and windy conditions, even with irrigation […]

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I think my lawn is dead

Q: We have been away and very busy with Christmas, my ‘Sir Walter’ lawn is couple of years old and looks terrible, I think it’s dead, what do I now?   A: As bad as it looks, it can be saved especially since it is a ‘Sir Walter’ lawn, any other type of lawn I […]

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