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Water is the key to a green lawn

Just like all the plants in your yard or home, your lawn needs water. Water is the key to a green lawn, but are you watering right?   Whether your sprinklers are working correctly, whether you use a movable sprinkler, a hand held hose or have an irrigation system installed will all determine how long […]

Take care of a few things now while the weather is cool

When the weather is cool it is an important time for solving some lawn issues. If you fix and feed your lawn now, it will be in much better shape for the warmer weather when it finally arrives.   Weeds Winter can give weeds the upper hand and they can take advantage of the lawn’s […]

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Have you got a powdery mildew problem with your Buffalo lawn?

A fairly common lawn disease that can affect buffalo lawns is powdery mildew. Often occurring in garden plants it is very easily spread to lawns via shoes, lawn mowers, bike and car tyres, pet paws and more. Powdery mildew is highly contagious. Initial signs are when it first appears as small spots that look like […]

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Working with hard soils below your lawn

The soil beneath your lawn can become hard and compacted over a period of time. This could be due to heavy vehicle traffic, drought, lack of correct maintenance over a number of years, regular walking or even dogs running up and down the same patch of lawn. Compacted, hard soil results in a reduced lawn […]

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Ammonium Sulphate for Lawns; Yes or No?

Ammonium Sulphate or Sulphate of Ammonium can create a green lawn faster than most other products but it comes with a warning. Before using Ammonium Sulphate you should carefully consider the drawbacks. Essentially Ammonium Sulphate is straight Nitrogen, a main element in lawns and the N in the NPK ratio often displayed on fertilising products. […]

Why, how and when to apply wetting agents

Often a waxy coating on soil causes a water repelling effect in soils across Queensland. The coating stops water from entering the soil, stops water from penetrating evenly throughout the soil and can cause the water to be pushed out of the soil root zone entirely.   Wetting agents work in a similar way to […]

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Morning versus Evening Watering of your Lawn

Usually nature will provide enough water through seasonal rainfall to ensure your lawn grows nice and strong. That said, there are times when rainfall isn’t quite enough and your lawn needs a little extra help. This is particularly prevalent during times of extended drought and heat or when a new lawn has been installed. While […]

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When summer lasts longer than expected

Sometimes it happens that you have your Autumn Lawn Care Maintenance ready to do but Mother Nature just didn’t get the memo. So, what do you do when summer lasts longer than expected? You should pretty much just go into a holding pattern and wait it out. Continue with your summer lawn care maintenance regime; […]

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