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What is lawn paint?

While the concept sounds a bit odd, lawn paint is a great way to have a beautiful green lawn all year round. It could be considered a little bit of a cheat but if you need to up your home’s kerb appeal quickly, perhaps you’re putting in on the market, then this innovative product is […]

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Lawns After Floods – Part 2

In part 1 of lawns after floods we started your lawn on the road to recovery. You can read that information here.   Now, the lawn will benefit from an application of nutrients – this will help to replace any nutrients that got washed away as well as in aiding the regeneration process. Choose a […]

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Lawns After Floods – Part 1

While your lawn may not be high on your list of priorities after the recent floods, a few timely actions will improve the chances of your lawn’s recovery. There are issues that are extremely apparent – soil loss, debris, sediment, broken branches – but others will take a little while to be obvious. Even short-term […]

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6 Autumn lawn care tips for Queensland lawns

The main advice we can give for ensuring that your lawn is healthy and happy throughout autumn, is to keep up the lawn care regime.   Daleys Turf 6 autumn lawn care tips: Continue to mow and water your lawn as required during autumn Aerate any areas of compacted soil – pay particular attention to […]

Can you have Golden Cane Palms and a lawn?

If you’re about to do some landscaping of your South East Queensland lawn, chances are you have thought about planting some palm trees. Which leads to a question we get asked a lot – can you have Golden Cane palms and a lawn?   These palms are ideally suited to our sub-tropical climate but they […]

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Preparing for seeding or installing an instant lawn

The other week we discussed seeding versus instant lawn and people wanted to know more – what is the difference, between the two, in terms of preparation and installation.   Seeding: For seeding it is most effective to use a fine sandy soil mix for your top dressing – you will need to level it […]

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How to conduct a soil pH test

Confused by how to conduct a soil pH test? Unsure about what the numbers actually mean? Don’t know whether your soil needs to acidic or alkaline? Never fear, the Daleys Turf team are here to help you through the process.   Let’s start at the very beginning…pH is measured on a scale of 0-14. The […]

Lawn Aeration is in the Air

Even if you’re not parking your boat, caravan or car on your lawn, it can suffer from soil compaction. The soil underneath your lawn can become compacted even from just normal, day to day foot traffic. When the soil is compacted it becomes extremely difficult for the roots to penetrate the soil and breathe. Water, […]

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