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Establishing the 4Rs of Greener Lawn Care

Introducing the 4 Rs of greener lawn care; reducing, reusing, recycling and rebuying. Lawns can be a big user of resources, even on a residential level so it’s essential to review our lawn care practices from time to time to ensure that we are taking care of our environment in the best possible way.

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Caring for Your Lawn when adding Outside Christmas Decorations

It’s almost Christmas time and you want to put up some outside Christmas decorations on your lawn? Some light displays or maybe an inflatable reindeer or two? Now, while the Christmas decorations won’t case specific harm to your lawn, you should follow a few guidelines to ensure there’s no lasting damage.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for your Fanatical Lawn Lover

Looking for the perfect gift for the fanatical lawn lover in your life? Something that will not only be appreciated but used? Look no further than the Daleys Turf Christmas gift ideas for 2018.  

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Lawn care during Drought

Most lawns across Australia will suffer from drought at one time or another. The good news is that most turf varieties available today are designed to be drought resistant. With a little bit of care your lawn will outlast the drought and return to its pre-drought condition relatively easily.

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Drainage and Your Lawn

The health of your lawn depends on both how well it can retain and drain water. Obviously, grass needs water to survive, it needs the right amount and too much can impede oxygen uptake, slow metabolic processes and encourage root rot.

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Earthworms – Are they a problem for your Lawn?

Firstly, the term earthworm is just a common name that encompasses any of the legless, tube-shaped, segmented worms that live in soil. This term therefore includes many different species and means that they can range from tiny inch worms to rather large nightcrawlers growing up to 35 cms. So, are they a problem for your […]

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Why does your lawn need fertiliser – if it makes its own food

All lawns require nutrients for survival and while most of these nutrients are already present in the soil, sometimes there just isn’t enough. Here’s how it works – the lawn takes in nutrients and oxygen through the soil and sun through the leaves for photosynthesis where conversions to energy and sugars happens. When everything is […]

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Spring Dead Spot? What is it and how do I fix it?

  What is spring dead spot? Spring dead spot is identified as brown or yellow patches in your lawn that measure between 10cm to 1m in diameter. Just as the name implies, Spring dead spot is most often found during the spring season as the colour of your lawn typically darkens.

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