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Can Sir Walter be grown from seed?

The long and the short answer to your question ‘can Sir Walter be grown from seed?’ is no but that’s not the full story. Most turf varieties that are classified as drought tolerant can’t be grown from seed. Turf varieties that are able to be grown from seed are usually cool season grasses (like fescue, […]

Preparing lawns for Autumn

Autumn is probably the most important time of the year for lawn care; especially if you want to have a green and healthy lawn all year long. As autumn approaches in South East Queensland, the days get shorter and the temperature gets cooler but your lawn is still in its growing phase. So, what should […]

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How to deal with a mixed variety lawn

If you have inherited or ended up with a lawn full of different varieties of lawn you have an invading grass issue. With so many different lawn varieties on the market your lawn can quite easily become invaded; seeds can be blown into your yard, grasses can invade through fences from the neighbour’s property, a […]

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Australia Day Backyard Cricket Rules

Before Australia Day you will need to get the backyard cricket pitch sorted – mow the day before and remember to never remove more than one-third of the grass blade. Don’t water too close to the game or the pitch will be boggy and the soil could become compacted underneath. Clear any overhanging branches that […]

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Need a new lawn for a new year?

You can join a gym, plan to eat better, resolve to spend more quality time together, but an easy new year’s resolution to make and keep is getting a new lawn for a new year. A new lawn will actually be an investment in so many different aspects of your life – like you’re making […]

How to not stress about your lawn during a heatwave

Heat waves are just part and parcel of living in Queensland, but when everyone starts getting overheated and cranky, there’s something you don’t want to be stressing about; your lawn.   Essentially, take it easy and stay in the air-con or the pool… Don’t cut the grass too short – being too short will reduce […]

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Before you head off on holidays, take care of your lawn

We all have long to-do lists before we head off on summer holidays, but you really need to add ‘taking care of the lawn’ to your list to ensure you don’t have a huge problem on your hands upon your return. With a few simple tasks you can make sure that your lawn is in […]

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How to conduct a soil pH test

Confused by how to conduct a soil pH test? Unsure about what the numbers actually mean? Don’t know whether your soil needs to acidic or alkaline? Never fear, the Daleys Turf team are here to help you through the process.   Let’s start at the very beginning…pH is measured on a scale of 0-14. The […]