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Artificial Lawn Problems – Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gympie

A recent Courier-Mail article entitled ‘Households using fake grass on their lawns to avoid mowing’ caught my eye. Agreed – we all lead busier lives than those of generations before us but are we really prepared to give up something as fulfilling as our children’s real backyards for the sake of a little time and […]

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After a week of rain

What’s the best thing to do for your lawn after a week of rain?   In January 2012 in Brisbane, its surrounds and the Gold Coast it rained for 8 days straight and 16 days straight on the Sunshine Coast. On average, Queensland received 126.31mm in that one month. And the problem with that much […]

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Sir Walter 10Kg Fertiliser Now Available

Due to the popular demand on the smaller bucket, we have now increased our range to now sell the larger 10kg bucket, this will replace the older style fertiliser being CK 88. SW fertiliser includes some trace elements including iron which gives the lawn good healthy appearance without the growth. It comes in a resealable […]

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New Liquid Range of Fertilisers

  Sir Walter has just released new liquid range of fertilisers. New clip on hose range of liquid fertilisers, fast acting, easy to use and design especially for all Sir Walter lawns   Lawn Rescue is an effective starter fertiliser for promoting development of root systems and early turf growth. It is specifically developed to […]

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Get Ready for Autumn

Lawn Grub Detection “choose one or more of these methods”   A visual inspection of the leaf blade can be an effective method, you will actually see holes or part of the leaf missing like chew marks, in bad infestations there will be very little or no leaf at all to see.       […]

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