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Lawn Care Articles – Page 18

Please find our very useful Lawn Care Articles below. Click on an Article Title to view the full article. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Preparing a New Lawn

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD Preparing for a new lawn is an exciting time, since this means that soon you will have a fabulous new lawn to call your own, but careful preparation is now essential. With the proper preparation now, before you lay the new turf will ensure that you will give it the best start […]

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Measuring Your Lawn Area

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD The first thing to do when preparing to measure your yard is to determine the set of units you will be measuring in and stick to it. Measuring in millimetres and metres is usually the best and these are the units that most turf farms work in. Remembering the golden rule ‘measure […]

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Sir Walter Derivatives?

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD Derivative means something that is based on another source. In lawn and turf terms a derivative is a breed of plant that is bred from another variety of lawn. To answer the question of whether or not there are Sir Walter Premium Lawn derivatives on the market? NO. There is only one […]

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Army Worm Eradication

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD Army worms, sod web worms, lawn grubs, spodoptera mauritia – it doesn’t matter what you call them – they can cause massive problems to your lawn and do so quickly. The main risk periods for army worm infestation in South East Queensland are Autumn/Winter and especially after heavy rain that follows a […]

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What is soil compaction

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD Soil compaction occurs when the soil has smaller pores or fewer spaces that can contain air and water needed for growth. It leads to a situation where the soil is less permeable, can store less water and where it is harder for roots to penetrate. Soil compaction also makes it difficult for […]

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Controlling invasive grasses

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD You have your lawn growing nicely but something seems to be moving in and taking over. Firstly make sure that it’s not weeds. If the plants are not broad leafed then chances are you are being invading by another type of lawn.   How did this happen?   Lawn seed from older […]

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Fertilising a South East Queensland Lawn

It’s very important to keep to a regular lawn fertilising routine in South East Queensland. Regular care will ensure that your lawn is in optimum condition and better placed to cope with diseases and weeds as well as the stresses caused by our climate.   In South East Queensland it is recommended that you avoid […]

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Artificial Lawn Problems – Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gympie

A recent Courier-Mail article entitled ‘Households using fake grass on their lawns to avoid mowing’ caught my eye. Agreed – we all lead busier lives than those of generations before us but are we really prepared to give up something as fulfilling as our children’s real backyards for the sake of a little time and […]

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