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Lawn Care Articles – Page 17

Please find our very useful Lawn Care Articles below. Click on an Article Title to view the full article. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Sir Walter Seed Heads

Why has my Sir Walter lawn gone to seed? Sir Walter lawn or other type of soft leaf buffalo lawn going to seed is simply part of the lawn’s survival mechanism in response to change. You might see this occurring after a sudden or extreme change such as hot weather and large volumes of rain. […]

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Real Turf vs Synthetic Turf

Synthetic lawns may have their place but they are most suited to places where a real, natural lawn won’t thrive, such as indoors, verandahs, patios and underneath shade covers.   There are many considerations when choosing whether a real or synthetic lawn to the right one for you:   The look   It’s true that […]

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Can I grow Sir Walter from seed?

The answer in a nutshell; is no. Sir Walter turf cannot be grown from seed and it’s not alone. Most drought tolerant varieties cannot be grown from seed. Those that can be grown from seed tend to be cool season grass varieties such as rye, fescue and blue grass. These grasses usually fail as a […]

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The Importance of Soil Ph

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD If your lawn is not performing very well or not responding to fertiliser then the culprit might just be the soil’s pH level. Basically the pH level is a measure of acidity and alkalinity and gives an indication of what your soil needs in order for your lawn to be healthy.   […]

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Lawns and Extreme Heat

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD Everywhere in Australia can be affected by periods of extreme heat so it’s important that you know how this can impact on your lawn and what to do about it.   Sir Walter lawn is one of the most heat tolerant grasses but even this lawn variety can use a little TLC […]

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Environmental Benefits

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD While our lawns are a major source of beauty and comfort; a place to relax, play and enjoy time with family and friends they also provide a host of environmental benefits. Lawn plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, act as a natural filter for our waterways and cool the area around […]

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Lawn Care Products

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD In an ideal world you would just lay your lawn in South East Queensland, sit back and enjoy it. Unfortunately the reality is that all lawns, even those designed with our climate in mind, will require lawn care from time to time. The best advice we can give is to select products […]

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Launch your Lawn

VIDEO ARTICLE DOWNLOAD Once you are ready to lay your new lawn it’s time to launch it and give it the healthiest and best chance of establishment. Sir Launcher is a new water saving starter fertiliser that will save your time, money and water. How? The Sir Launcher product is made up of a starter […]

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