Best Turf Grass

The best turf grass for your backyard will be determined by a number of factors such as:


  • Local climate including low winter temperatures, high summer temperatures and annual rainfall
  • Location including proximity to the coast
  • The backyard its self – the amount of direct sunlight and shade it receives, the soil type and the drainage


To assist you in finding the best turf grass for you, Daleys Turf, local turf suppliers on the Sunshine Coast have put together the basics on each of the most popular turf grass varieties in Australia.


Blue Couch – Digitaria didactyla


A warm season grass that is found in the coastal regions of Northern New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. Suitable to soils that are sandy and acidic Blue Couch is able to tolerate lower soil fertility but will react well to the addition of fertiliser. Since it does not produce underground rhizomes it is less invasive.


Features of Blue Couch:


  • Ability to be mown short
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Reasonable wear tolerance
  • Fine to medium texture


Buffalo – Stenotaphrm secundatum 


A hardy warm season grass that has become a popular choice and has adapted itself to a variety of different climatic regions and is found in the far northern reaches of Queensland and also in some areas of Victoria. Buffalo does not produce rhizomes and is purely stoloniferous (produces stolons).


Features of Buffalo:


  • Mowing height between 20 and 45 mms
  • Reasonable drought and wear tolerance
  • Coarse in texture
  • Requires less fertiliser than green couch (see below)
  • Wear and shade tolerant


Green Couch – Cynondon dactylon 


A warm season grass that is suited mostly to tropical, humid climates. Is able to stabilise soil by producing both rhizomes and stolons but may be somewhat invasive if not controlled.


Features of Green Couch:


  • Ability to be mown short
  • Excellent drought and wear tolerance
  • Moderate shade tolerance
  • Fine to medium texture


Kikuyu  – Pennisetum clandestinum 


A warm season coarse textured grass which is best suited to sub-tropical regions which produces both rhizomes and stolons and prefers fertile soil and adequate moisture.


Features of Kikuyu:


  • Fast growing in warmer months
  • Can withstand cooler temperatures
  • Has the ability to stabilise soil
  • Good wear tolerance


ZoysiaZoysia japonica and Zoysia matrella


A warm to tropical grass that is native to South East Asia which a texture that is medium to coarse and a relatively slow growth rate. Zoysia can be grown in various soil types ranging from sandy to clay profiles and alkaline and acidic situations.


Features of Zoysia japonica:


  • Drought, wear and shade tolerant
  • Produces both rhizomes and stolons
  • Tolerant of cooler regions
  • Easy to maintain


Features of Zoysia matrella:


  • Produces both rhizomes and stolons
  • Thinner leaf width to Zoysia Japonica
  • Low colour retention in cool weather
  • Vegetative propagation only
  • Good shade tolerance
  • Very slow grower (slower than japonica)


For more information on the best turf grass for you see the Daleys Turf Website or contact our team.