Turf Varieties

Choose the perfect grass type for your specific conditions and needs. There is no one perfect grass type for every lawn or commercial requirement. Over the last 24 years we have grown over 23 different varieties of grasses is search of the very best grass types for our local conditions and customers unique requirements. View our turf varieties below to learn which grass types will suit your requirements and budget. We can also personally help you choose the perfect lawn solution by simply calling us on 1800 325 397 or by submitting an easy enquiry form here.

Feel 100% Confident in Your Choice

Once you’ve chosen the perfect grass for your new lawn or turf requirement, feel 100% confident knowing that all our lawn and turf solutions come with the Perfect Lawn Guarantee as well:

  • A 10 year Customer Product Warranty which ensures your Daleys Turf lawn has been grown and harvested to strict LSA standards, is weed and disease free upon delivery, and will perform to the maximum of its potential in its new environment
  • Confirmation that you are receiving a lawn from a handpicked, trained and experienced grower
  • An assurance that you are buying the best performing turf varieties for your local region