Turf Prices Sunshine Coast

Installing lawn turf can be an expensive exercise but considering that it is an investment in your quality of life and adds up to 20% to the value of your home, the cost of turf is very justifiable.


Grass turf prices vary, but the standard for Sir Walter turf is $12-$15 per square metre of turf on the Sunshine Coast.


Comparatively, other varieties of lawn are cheaper in terms of initial outlay but they come with additional costs over the long term, such as extra time and products to maintain the lawn in its peak condition.


Why is Sir Walter so expensive?


Other turf varieties takes about 4-6 months to grow ready for harvesting meaning that a turf supplier gets at least 2 crops per year.


Sir Walter, on the other hand, takes a full 12 months to grow ready for harvesting.


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