Sir Walter Buffalo Price

The price of Sir Walter turf Gold Coast or Sir Walter turf Sunshine Coast really shouldn’t differ too much from seller to seller but it definitely pays to ‘read the fine print’ and consider all the added extra expenses.


When comparing the Sir Walter Buffalo price there are a few things that must be considered:


  • The cost involved in the preparation – removal and disposal of the old lawn, soil additives if required and any costs for drainage and levelling
  • The expense of soil to go underneath the new Sir Walter grass
  • The cost of the Sir Walter Turf – be sure you know if you are getting per square metre or ¾ per square metre pricing
  • Is delivery included in the Sir Walter Buffalo grass price?
  • Will there be a cost involved for the installation? If you are laying the turf yourself will there be additional costs for roller hire and consumables such as a lawn launcher, wetting agent or fertiliser?


The best advice is to sit down and factor in all the expenses involved, not just the cost of the Sir Walter turf.


And a word of advice; make sure that the Sir Walter grass you purchase is the real deal, genuine Sir Walter. How will you know? Sir Walter turf comes with an authenticity certificate so you can be assured that you are purchasing a premium turf, from accredited and experienced turf suppliers.


One such turf supplier is Daleys Turf, growers and suppliers of Sir Walter Sunshine Coast. Contact the team today for more advice on the true cost of having a new Sir Walter Premium lawn turf laid at your place.