Preparing a New Lawn

Before installing your new lawn it is crucial to prepare your lawn to ensure it’s success.

To prepare your lawn:

  • Spray the area with a weed killer to remove any unwanted weeds, vegetation or an existing lawn.
  • You can use a weed killer such as Glypho 360.
  • Always follow the instructions on the product you are using.
  • Some roots can go down to over a metre, so digging out existing grasses is not always a good way to kill them.

To improve the structure of your soil:

  • Cultivate with Gypsum organic matter for clay soils.
  • Use plenty of organic matter for sandy soils.
  • Spread a 100mm layer of turf underlay soil mix.

If you have 150mm of good soil:

  • There is no need to bring in any new soil.
  • Cultivate with a rotary hoe or by hand.
  • If needed, you can bring in a layer of turf underlay soil mix, to help fine tune the levels before laying the turf down.

Calculating how much soil you will need:

  • For a depth of 100m you will need 1 cubic metre per 10m2.

Once your soil has been cultivated and you have spread your turf underlay soil mix:

  • Add Sir Launcher, which helps to get your lawn started and established.
  • Mix whatever you have added into the top 75mm and level it out.