lawn Solutions for the environment


Despite many people thinking that lawns are bad for the environment, the opposite is, in fact, true. Installing and maintaining a lawn offers many environmental benefits in the following ways:

  • Lawns help control the surrounding temperature. Climates are controlled at ground level as the lawn serves to cool the temperatures and therefore acts as a natural, exterior air-conditioner, cooling both the surrounds and your home nearby.
  • Lawns trap smoke and dust particles found in the atmosphere & therefore ensure cleaner air.
  • Lawns also trap pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide making the air cleaner to breath and reducing your family’s carbon footprint.
  • Lawns help to absorb noise.
  • Lawns act as a natural barrier stopping chemicals from entering the soil profile and the local waterways.
  • Lawns act as a natural fire break protecting your home and outbuildings.
  • Lawns generate oxygen helping to make our environment more habitable. In fact, an average sized lawn will provide enough oxygen for a family of four for an entire year.
  • Lawns reduce run-off water and pollutants and particularly dense lawns such as Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn will even filter or clean water helping to maintain the surrounding environment.
  • Lawns enhance groundwater by increasing the infiltration of water and cleaning the water as it passes through the plant leaves, thatch layer and root system.


One of the best Aussie Grown Environmentally friendly lawns is Sir Walter DNA Certified Lawn Turf which is also Australia’s Number 1 Buffalo Lawn.

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When a responsible lawn care maintenance regimen is implemented and continued, lawns use limited amounts of insecticides, herbicides and water – being better for the environment. The emissions from lawn mowers is small and there’s eco-friendly options available for most, if not all, lawn care activities such as mowing, top dressing, fertilisers and more.

Lawns also offer a different kind of environmental benefit – they provide an environment which is beneficial to our mental and physical health. Spending time outdoors, on a lawn, reduces stress, increases physical activity, allows people to reconnect and spend more time together with friends and family. Even the activity of mowing the lawn provides a boost to our mental and physical health.
Overall the lawns solutions for the environment are wide-ranging and definitely offset any environmental consequences having a lawn at your place incur.




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