Lawn Solutions for Shady Areas

lsInstalling a lawn in a heavily shaded area can be tricky but lawn solutions are available. The trick is to find the right turf variety to suit. Lawns are available that are shade tolerant and will, in fact, thrive in these conditions.


All lawns require a certain amount of sunlight in order to survive – if your space is entirely shaded by a permanent structure such as a building, garage or shed then another option such as pebbles or pavers might be a better option. If the space is totally shaded in a more temporary way then some TLC will help – you won’t need to clear everything but trimming, pruning or removal of some trees, shrubs and bushes to let some sunlight in is advisable before installing a new lawn.

Consider the lawn variety:

As we said, some lawn varieties are better than others at handling shade and the best one in particular is Sir Walter Buffalo turf. Sir Walter has been created to be shade tolerant as well as pest resistant and self-repairing so it’s a great choice all round.
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Maximum shade percentage and the appropriate Daleys Turf lawn solutions:

  • Up to 70% shade – Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo.
  • Up to 60% shade – Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo.
  • Up to 40% shade – Platinum Zoysia.
  • Up to 15% shade – Nullarbor Couch.


The lawn varieties in the higher shade percentiles will also do well in lower shade areas and all will live in full sun too.

Consider a trim:

Ensuring more sunlight reaches your lawn may be as simple as a trim. Cut back any overhanging branches and shrubs that impede the amount of daily sun your lawn receives. Think about the shape, size and shade potential of any trees and plants you plant in and around your lawn.

What else you can do:

If the lawn is already established (or you are renting the property) and a new shade tolerant turf is not an option, and/or the shade comes from neighbouring properties or trees that cannot be trimmed, you can assist the shaded lawn by keeping an eye out for any pests such as moss that likes to take advantage of shaded turf. Make sure the shaded lawn isn’t over-watered but is also well-fed and fertilised as needed and in order to become, and remain strong.





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