Lawn Solutions for increasing the value of your home

lsIn Australia a natural lawn can increase the value of your home by up to $75,668. It is estimated that a well maintained lawn will add $48,600 to a $405,000 property in Queensland, that’s an added value of 12%.


A study commissioned by Turf Australia confirmed that a backyard with a natural lawn does indeed increase the value of your property. The same study also found that 80% of the population prefer a lawn that represents a third of the total size of the property. Luckily in South East Queensland most backyards still make up at least 40% of a house block and up to 60% in some areas. Natural lawns provide a place to exercise, spend time with family and friends, and a way to relax without having to leave home. They offer environmental benefits and aid in the natural cooling of your home, reducing air-conditioning costs.

If your lawn is looking tired, shabby or very unapealing and is dragging the perceived value of your home down, the best solution to increase the value of your home and make it more saleable is to install Australia’s most popular lawn choice, a DNA Certified Sir Walter lawn.

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A time that you really should consider the state of your current lawn and its impact on the value of your property has to be when you make a decision that it’s time to sell.


According to, ‘When selling your home, presentation is not only the key to the success of your sale, but also for getting the price you want. If you’re smart about it, investing some time and money into how your property is landscaped can make a big difference to your final sale price.’


There are a few things to note, if you are installing a new lawn in order to ready a property for sale::

  • A lawn will take a few weeks to fully establish and during that time it will require a bit of TLC and regular watering.
  • If you cannot afford to lay new turf throughout the entire property, you should at least consider the front lawn. It will enhance the street appeal of the home and this is where many decisions to buy or not to buy are made.
  • Will you still be living in the home or putting the house on the market whilst empty? A new lawn will require regular maintenance and watering, so it is preferable that someone be available to complete this.
  • Speak to your real estate agent; they are the best possible people to know what potential buyers are looking for in your local area. If it’s highly likely that new owners will add a pool or a back deck, than a new lawn may not be necessary or appropriate. On the other hand if the potential market is full of young families seeking a soft, safe area for the kids to play and kick a ball around, then a newly laid turf may just be the thing to get a signature on a contract.


A 12% increase in the value of your home is nothing to overlook and this is what lawn solutions can offer you


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