Lawn Solutions for entertaining

lsSpending time outdoors and on a well-maintained lawn has been found to have great benefits to our mental and physical well-being so what better place for entertaining than on your lawn.


Homeowners today don’t limit their living space to inside the house. They include outdoor space as well, treating it as an extension of the indoors. Flip through any home and garden magazine and you can see how homeowners are moving the indoors out, making lawns the place for family fun and relaxation and, of course, entertaining.

Lawns: The ideal solution for entertaining:

Homeowners are creating comfortable spaces in their own yards by using lawn, flowers, shrubs and trees to fashion inviting backyard rooms, just as room dividers, carpets and curtains create a welcoming atmosphere indoors. Like other rooms in a home, the lawn provides a place to play, unwind and spend time with loved ones and friends.

The best Solution for Entertaining is to use a DNA Certified Sir Walter Lawn Turf.
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A perfect space for entertaining:

  • Grab a blanket and fire up the barbecue for a backyard picnic, because lawns are the perfect outdoor dining area.  They’re also the perfect spot to host family parties, birthdays, graduations and even weddings. Lawns increase our quality of life while enhancing our homes’ value as expanding outdoor living space adds valuable square footage to the home.
  • Create a great entertaining space for just 10 to 20 percent of the cost to renovate your kitchen, and an outdoor living space requires a fraction of the time. Lawns are essentially another area where people can cook, entertain, play.
  • Gather outdoor chairs on the lawn for evening chats with family or friends.
    Or create an intimate spot under a tree with a cosy bistro set for enjoying coffee, a pastry and the morning newspaper.
  • It’s all about letting the inside out and creating a more intimate entertaining space.





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