Lawn Renovation Guide

To improve your lawn, maybe repair some damage area or adjust your mowing height it’s a good idea to renovate your entire lawn area. It is like pruning your lawn and is often done in spring, we have a DIY sheet (click here) for you to follow or call our office and we will arrange somebody to come out.


Lawn Renovation

Use a lawn scarifier to remove any thatch, pass over the lawn twice or more in different directions. A mower can be used to do the same thing, just lower it a couple of notches, it will take longer to repair itself.


Lawn Renovation

Remove clippings using a plastic rake. They will make great garden mulch or composted in the vegie patch.



Now mow your lawn, start on a high setting, then lower it to the desired setting, somewhere between notch 3 – 4 – 5. Mow your lawn twice at this setting in a different direction each time.


Fertilizing Lawns

Apply soil conditioners, sandy soils require Dolomite, heavy/clayish soils requires Gypsum and Dolomite both at 25kg@100m2 Fertilizer use ‘Sir Walter’ fertilizer at 3 kg @ 100m2 or something similar


Top Dressing Lawns

Use a good clean soil for best results as long as it comes from a reputable garden centre. Rate 1 m3 of soil to 100 m2 of lawn area.


Watering Lawn

Now using a hand held hose wash the top dressing into the lawn. Give your lawn another watering in the next couple of days.