Lawn Prices

If you are looking for value for money grass turf prices on Sunshine Coast turf then you need to look no further than Daleys Turf.


Daleys Turf provide lawn turf grown on the Sunshine Coast so it’s perfectly suited to the local climate and needs to travel a shorter distance to get to you, reducing the risk that the root system of your new turf will dry out before it can be installed.


This local turf supplier grows and sells a range of turf varieties including Australia’s most popular turf, Sir Walter.


Lawn prices depend on the amount of turf you order and the variety you purchase. As an example, Sir Walter currently retails for $12.50 per square metre and Nullarbor Couch currently retails for $7.00 per square metre.


The cost of turf may vary from supplier to supplier but you also need to consider the additional costs involved; soil additives and preparation, delivery or trailer hire, installation costs or roller hire, and fertiliser and watering.


Daleys Turf can provide services in addition to the turf alone such as delivery and installation. And the service doesn’t stop there when you deal with Daleys Turf since the team are there to support you even after the turf is laid and established.


Daleys Turf provide a range of videos, blogs and articles on lawn care and are always happen to answer any questions you may have. Contact the team today for more information on lawn prices and lawn care issues.