Fertilising Your Lawn

Regular Applications of Fertiliser will:

  • Keep your Sir Walter in peak condition.
  • Provide healthy deep rooted lawns.
  • Equip your lawn to deal with stress.
  • Maintain the lawns winter colour.
  • Prevent the germination of weeds.

Fertilise when first Laying Turf:

Sir Walter Premium Lawn Food:

  • Fertilise your lawn approximately 6-8 weeks after installation.
  • Use 25grams per square metre.
  • Fertilise your lawn at the start of spring, middle of summer and autumn.


  • When it is raining it is the perfect opportunity to fertilise, you will not need to water it in and you will save water.
  • You can spread by hand or with a fertiliser spreader.
  • Regular applications of ‘Sir Walter’ Premium Lawn Food will give you a nice healthy lawn all year round.