Common Lawn Problems

Sir Walter is a tough lawn that rarely suffers from any insect, pest or disease problems. In fact most Sir Walter lawn enquiries result in poor soil, low or no fertiliser or a lack of water.

If your turf is not performing in the growing season do the following:

  • Fertilise your lawn with 40g per square metre with Sir Walter Lawn Food or similar.
  • Water in until the lawn becomes soft.
  • Repeat deep watering once a week for 6 weeks.
  • Always pick a small area of about 1 square metre and apply twice the amount of fertiliser and water this area as a benchmark.

Does your lawn need more water?

  • If your lawn is growing better underneath a tap or close to a water source, it probably means that your whole lawn needs more water.

Does your lawn need fertilising?

  • If your lawn is greener or generally looking better next to your garden beds, fertiliser and nutrients are probably leeching from the garden beds into the turf.
  • All of your lawn probably needs a good fertilising.

Good soil:

  • Ensure that your lawn has at least 100mm of good soil underneath it.
  • If not, top dressing may be necessary.


  • Naturally if you notice an invasion of grubs or insects, immediate action will be required to deal with them.