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All time best lawn care tips

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to be all-consuming, expensive or difficult. More often than not it just needs a little bit of effort on a regular basis to keep your lawn lush, healthy and the envy of the neighbours. The Daleys Turf team have compiled our All-Time Best lawn care tips to help […]

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What happens when you mow your lawn too often

So, you think you’re on top of your lawn care maintenance, but what happens when you mow your lawn too often? Well, you could be doing more harm than good. Overall, the key to keeping a growing lawn healthy is mowing it according to its growth. If the weather is cool and the growing is […]

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Fixing Patchy and Thinning Lawns – Part 2

How to repair your patchy lawn You will need: Spade or garden fork Top dressing mix Slow release fertiliser   Step 1 – With the spade or fork, remove any dead grass and other unwanted material and break up the soil in the bare area. Step 2 – Add the top dressing mix and blend […]

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Fixing Patchy and Thinning Lawns – Part 1

A patchy and thinning lawn can cause a lot of angst to home-owners and this is an issue which can happen anywhere a lawn is grown. Luckily, the symptoms are easy enough to remedy once you can identify the cause. Here are some of the typical symptoms, the causes and some suggestions on fixing the […]

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What is lawn paint?

While the concept sounds a bit odd, lawn paint is a great way to have a beautiful green lawn all year round. It could be considered a little bit of a cheat but if you need to up your home’s kerb appeal quickly, perhaps you’re putting in on the market, then this innovative product is […]

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Lawns After Floods – Part 2

In part 1 of lawns after floods we started your lawn on the road to recovery. You can read that information here.   Now, the lawn will benefit from an application of nutrients – this will help to replace any nutrients that got washed away as well as in aiding the regeneration process. Choose a […]

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Lawns After Floods – Part 1

While your lawn may not be high on your list of priorities after the recent floods, a few timely actions will improve the chances of your lawn’s recovery. There are issues that are extremely apparent – soil loss, debris, sediment, broken branches – but others will take a little while to be obvious. Even short-term […]

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6 Autumn lawn care tips for Queensland lawns

The main advice we can give for ensuring that your lawn is healthy and happy throughout autumn, is to keep up the lawn care regime.   Daleys Turf 6 autumn lawn care tips: Continue to mow and water your lawn as required during autumn Aerate any areas of compacted soil – pay particular attention to […]

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